Criminal Reporting

It is a survivor’s choice whether to report a sexual assault. Reporting to the police is an option at any time. It’s best to report right away but if not reported immediately, the crime can still be reported later. Going to the police doesn’t commit you to taking the process further but getting assistance from the police does make it possible for action to be taken at a later date. The CARE Advocate can assist you with this process.

UCSF Police Department

Emergency (24 hours)
From a campus line, dial 9-911
From a non-campus line or cell phone, dial (415) 476-6911

Non-Emergency (24 hours)
(415) 476-1414 |

Evidence Collection

If you experience a sexual assault and think you might want to pursue a criminal case now or in the future you should consider a forensic exam. Forensic exams are performed for free at San Francisco General Hospital Rape Treatment Center located in the Emergency Department. They can be performed as late as 5 days after the assault but sooner is better and if performed within 72 hours they can include HIV prevention medication and emergency contraception. If you can, in order to preserve evidence, don’t wash, shower, or change. If you do change put each item of clothing in a separate paper (not plastic) bag. If possible leave the area where the assault occurred undisturbed. The hospital is mandated to report the assault, but the police generally do not pursue investigation without the victim's involvement. If you would like to file a police report hospital staff can help you to do so.