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Explore these links for more information about sexual assault and other interpersonal violence including safety, healing and prevention.

UCSF Code of Conduct
As members of the UCSF community, we all share the responsibility to conduct our professional and personal prectices with integrity and compassion.

UC Guidance on Bullying
The University of California is committed to providing a safe, supportive, responsive and equitable environment for all employees.

UC Policies
Each of us plays a critical role in ensuring the university is a safe place, and should know the rules of being part of the UC community.

UC Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Glossary of frequently used terms.

UCSF Sexual Violence and Harassment Education & Training
Every UC campus provides education and training to help everyone in the campus community better understand sexual violence and how to prevent it.

UCSF Student Health and Counseling
Information about sexual assault and interpersonal violence including definitions, options, services and prevention.

National Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Survey
An ongoing, nationally representative survey that assesses experiences of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence among adult women and men in the United States.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response at UCSF Police Department
Information about sexual violence and related resources for all members of the campus community.

Sexual Violence: Prevention Strategies
The goal of sexual violence prevention is simple—to stop it from happening in the first place. The solutions, however, are just as complex as the problem.

Self Care After Trauma
Whether it happened recently or years ago, self-care can help you cope with the short- and long-term effects of a trauma like sexual assault.

Self-Care Wheel
Take a spin around the Self-Care Wheel to assess your self-care and to inspire new self-care activities.

Healthy Relationships
Relationships rarely start out hurtful. Control and violence emerge over time, often after a great deal of emotional investment and commitment.

Domestic Violence Power and Control Wheel
Relationship violence includes a combination of different tactics of abuse that are used to maintain power and control. Check out the Power and Control Wheel to learn more.

LGBTQ Domestic Violence Power and Control Wheel
While many tactics of abuse in LGBTQ relationships are the same or similar to those employed in hetero relationships, it can be helpful to recognize differences.

Domestic Violence Safety Plan
You and your family deserve to be safe. Consider using this tool to develop a plan that works for you.

Stalking Safety Plan
If you are being stalked there are some basic safety measures you might choose to take.