University of California CARE Council’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

The CARE Council consists of the UC CARE Offices at each of the ten campuses and UC Hastings. The CARE Council is committed to eradicating racism and all forms of oppression against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We understand anti-violence work to be intrinsically connected to anti-racism. To end sexual and other interpersonal violence, we must also end racism.

We accept this responsibility and will strive towards racial justice. We recognize it is not the responsibility of BIPOC people to do this work and we will not impose that burden on BIPOC people. We acknowledge that some of us have historically been racially privileged. Those who have benefited from white supremacy will do their work to educate themselves and others and follow through on actions to be active anti-racist allies. We will take bold steps to work internally and externally for social justice and the decolonization of systems through intersectional frameworks as we work on dismantling racism.

Current actions and next steps

  • The Anti-Racism subgroup was developed after the murder of Mr. George Floyd to review gaps and strategies on intentional work against white supremacy and other racist practices impacting survivors of BIPOC communities.
  • Focus on hiring and retaining BIPOC folk, including identifying and removing obstacles to hiring and retention and providing BIPOC only support spaces for CARE staff.
  • Centering, listening to and acknowledging BIPOC staff and survivors’ experiences and wisdom while actively working towards white accountability in our field at the national, state, UC, local, and campus levels.
  • Providing and participating in education about the influence and contributions of BIPOC communities to the anti-rape movement and the history of racism in that movement. Additionally, we will take appropriate actions to continue dismantling the racism that exists in our movement.

Guiding Principles (more to be developed as we progress in the work)

  • Becoming a trustworthy ally in this movement means exploring and unpacking your relationship with white supremacy and learning to become brave as you actively dismantle how these systems manifest within yourself and your communities.