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How to schedule an appointment:

The CARE Program offers remote appointments via phone or Zoom, and in-person appointments in our confidential office, or another location on UCSF’s campus. To schedule an appointment with a CARE advocate, email or call:

Kendra Hypolite
CARE Advocate for Racial Justice

(415) 269-5935

Confidential support, assistance, and advocacy on behalf of UCSF community members who have experienced discrimination or harassment based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, or other protected categories.

Denise Caramagno
Confidential CARE Advocate

(415) 640-9080

Confidential support, assistance and advocacy on behalf of the UCSF community members who have experienced interpersonal violence including but not limited to, sexual assault, dating/intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, or stalking.

Hours of operation & anticipated follow-up:

  • The CARE Program’s hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm. If the call is outside of business hours please leave a voicemail with your contact information. An advocate will reach out to schedule an appointment during the next business day.
  • Appointments are typically available within five business days, or at the earliest convenience of the person seeking support. The first appointment is typically scheduled for 45 minutes with the option to set additional appointments with the advocate as needed. Please let our staff know when calling if you will need any accommodations. We encourage people to contact us in whatever way feels most accessible.

CARE Hotline Number for 24/7
Urgent, Crisis Support

(415) 502-8802

The Care hotline is a 24/7, confidential, free, campus-based resource for urgent, crisis support around sexual assault, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, stalking, invasion of sexual privacy, discrimination or harassment related to race, ethnicity, national origin or other protected identities. Support is available for UCSF community members as well as those who have been harmed by a UCSF affiliate.

Consultation with Departments

The UCSF CARE Program offers consultations with academic & administrative departments as partners in preventing violence and supporting survivors as well as those who’ve experienced identity-based harm. UCSF CARE provides consultation services to managers, supervisors, and leaders of departments and workgroups. These services are free, confidential, and structured as consultations.

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